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The WA State Building Code Council (SBCC) has approved an emergency rule to delay adoption of all 2018 codes until February 1st, 2021. Refer to the SBCC Rulemaking page for further information.

UPDATED - June 30th, 2020


2020 WABO Annual Education Institute Virtual Conference was a huge success!

We would like to extend our thanks to everyone who participated in this virtual conference. It was an excellent training opportunity thanks to a lot of hard work by WABO and great engagement by all of the participants. It was our pleasure to be a part of this virtual event!

POSTED - July 1st, 2020



In response to recommendations by the WA State Department of Public Health regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, we will not be hosting classroom trainings until advised that it is safe for the general public to participate in large group events.

In lieu of classroom trainings we are running a seven-part webinar series about the new code from May-August. Refer to our Education and Resources page for information about dates and how to register. 

UPDATED - June 30th, 2020


2018 WSEC - The new commercial energy code is here!

Commercial WSEC - The State Building Code Council has adopted the final language for the 2018 WSEC commercial provisions. Technical support for this new code this year will include classroom and webinar trainings, online compliance documentation tools and updates to our searchable FAQs. Check out our Newsroom and Technical Support webpages periodically for updates and opportunities for training. Here's a link to the SBCC website where the new commercial code is posted - 2018 WSEC Commercial.

Residential WSEC - The Council has also adopted the final language for the 2018 WSEC residential provisions. Here's a link to the SBCC website where the new residential code is posted - 2018 WSEC Residential. For residential technical support, contact WSU Energy Extension -

The 2018 WSEC will go into effect FEBRUARY 1ST, 2021.

UPDATED - June 30th, 2020



These new features for commercial include project specific WSEC provision checklists and online compliance documentation forms for envelope, lighting and mechanical. 

Click on the My Projects page to explore this new compliance tool!

POSTED - February 7th, 2020


Clean Energy Transformation Act (CETA) - Washington Department of Commerce

CETA (SB 5116) was implemented in May 2019. It commits Washington to an eletricity supply free of greenhouse gas emissions by 2045.

"CETA is a complex law requiring transformation of an essential service, electricity, and many agencies and stakeholders will work together to achieve its objectives. Commerce will work closely with the Utilities and Transportation Commission (UTC), which regulates the rates and service of investor-owned utilities. Other state agency partners include the state auditor and the departments of Ecology and Health.

More than 60 electric utilities must comply with CETA. Interested stakeholders represent business customers, low-income and vulnerable communities, consumers, environmental advocates and renewable energy developers." WA State Energy Office - WA Dept of Commerce

Click here for more information about CETA.

POSTED - February 7th, 2020


2015 WSEC Commercial - Permanent Rule changes effective July 1, 2019

The following permanent rule changes have been incorporated into the commercial 2015 WSEC. Refer to the following code sections in the Washington Administrative Code for the updated code language (see weblink on the WSEC Documents webpage). For replacement insert pages for these sections, visit the Washington State Building Code Council rulemaking website located here

Section C402.1.5 Component performance alternative - Clarifications and corrected language and section references in Equation 4-2 for the component performance UA trade-off calculation, including target area adjustment

Section C402.1.5.2 SHGC rate calculation - Clarifications and corrected language in Equation 4-3 for the component performance SHGC x A trade-off calculation for vertical fenestration and skylights. Clarifies that target area adjustment is allowed for SHGC x A.

Section C404.6 Insulation of piping - For service water heating systems, this amendment adds an exception clarifying that the final pipe run to a plumbing fixture is not required to be insulated provided the pipe run is not part of the heated-water circulation system.

C503.2 Change in space conditioning - Language amended to be consistent with amendments to C402.1.5 Component performance alternative.

C505.1 Change in occupancy or use - Language amended to be consistent with amendments to C402.1.5 Component performance alternative.

POSTED - July 7th, 2019


WSEC Commercial Technical Support - ETC

Evergreen Technology Consulting (ETC) is a new provider of commercial energy code technical support services for WA State. We provide classroom and online training, technical topic resources, on-line compliance documentation tools and on-call technical support. 

Refer to the Contact Us page to reach our commercial energy code experts.