Washington State Energy Code Documents

  • Washington Administrative Code (WAC) - Title 51

    Refer to 51-11C for the WSEC for Commercial. This information includes all proposed and permanent rules associated with each section under "Agency filings affecting this section.

  • Washington State Energy Code (WSEC)

    This code has three parts and all are required for a complete copy of the WSEC - commercial provisions, residential provisions and appendix chapters. Editions currently posted on the SBCC website include the 2021 WSEC, 2018 WSEC and historical editions from 2006 through 2015. WSEC documents are free to download.

SBCC Official Opinions and Amendments

Official opinions issued by the SBCC are deemed advisory only and are non-binding. Refer to the Answers & Opinions page on the SBCC website for information about the official opinion process and for complete documentation for each opinion the SBCC has issued. Permanent rule amendments are changes to the current edition of the WSEC that update state law. Refer to WAC Title 51 (weblink above) for permanent rule information.

SBCC = Washington State Building Code Council