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TAKE NOTE - The WA State Building Code Council (SBCC) has announced that the effective date of all 2018 codes has been extended to February 1st, 2021. Refer to the SBCC website.

This website provides helpful technical resources and supports the process of demonstrating compliance with the Washington State Energy Code (WSEC) Commercial Provisions. Features and resources available include an energy code documents portal, compliance documentation forms and online tools, searchable frequently asked questions feature and one-on-one technical support.

Compliance with the Energy Code is required throughout WA State for all new construction, additions and retrofit projects. When submitting your project for a building, electrical or mechanical permit, information required includes the Code provisions that apply to the project and the design measures taken to comply with these provisions. Select the Jurisdiction Information icon for specific information about each jurisdiction.

2018 WSEC COMMERCIAL TRAINING - Refer to Education and Resources page under Technical Support for information about commercial energy code training.

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